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The Goal Driven MBA Basic

Program Administration

Program Dates, Zoom link, Slack Group, Coaching Sessions, Resources, Recordings, and Participants

Program Dates


Zoom link


All sessions will be conducted by Zoom video at the link below. Please join the session a few minutes before we start.



We’ll be using Circle to communicate with each other in the group. We have invited you all to join. If you did not get the invite, please let me know.

I will send you an invitation to join Circle. When you get it, login to Circle and take a look around.


Individual Coaching Sessions

You will have up to two individual coaching sessions with Ed each month. I recommend you book them well in advance to make sure you can fit them in for the month.

Appointment hours are between 10 am and 5 pm, Tues – Thursday. My meeting times are 10. 12, 2, and 4 Central time.


Recordings of the Sessions

All the recordings will be posted on this page. Just scroll to the bottom of this page for the latest recording and assignments.


Please submit written assignments via the Forum app. Post to my channel, Ed Petty For all documents, please title them with your name and then the topic. I.e., John Jones – Goal Driven Summary.


To make your documents more readable, I recommend using Open Sans 14pt with 1.3 line spacing. Please do not send me rough drafts. I don’t expect perfection but clean formatting, spell checking, etc. is important. It is very hard to read a poorly formatted, sloppy document. Just sayin’.



Booking App –

Stock Photos –

Graphic Design – 

Grammar and Spelling Correction – – App to correct grammar errors. Works on the web and in Gmail.

Screen Capture App – Jing –

Client Relationship Manager – CRM – 

Video for Emails – (get a free account with up to 100 email video messages)


Participants – Names and emails. One of your assignments is to have a meeting with everyone in the group.



Please be in touch with a minimum of two participants per week by phone or Zoom. Have a connection conversation to share ideas, insights, resources, and connections with each one. Do about 30 minutes each way. You’ll do this each week of the program until you have spoken to everyone.

Program Sessions and Assignments

Session number, primary topic, recording link, and assignments for each of the group sessions is posted below


Lesson 1. - DATE: February Marketing and Production: Producing and exchanging is the bedrock urgency of any business that never goes away. Do it with the customer… AND WITH EACH OTHER. Produce and Exchange, or Perish! (Sell or Die!)






Session 2.




Assignment for this Session





Session 3.





Session 4 –





Session 5





Take one step at a time to forward your progress of developing your presentation and then reaching out for meetings to get presentations.

Yes, you’re making progress. It just doesn’t feel like it yet!



Week 5

White Black Bold Minimalist Beauty Blogger Logo.png

Learn how to determine how your business is really performing by learning about key performance Indicators, especially statistics, to know how well your are moving towards our goals.

Week 1
Marketing and Production

Producing and exchanging is the bedrock urgency of any business that never goes away. Do it with the customer… AND WITH EACH OTHER. Produce and Exchange, or Perish! (Sell or Die!)

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Week 2
Evolution of a Practice

Why Growth requires better management. The rising need of a manager. You are the manager, but you delegate it. Manager is Leader, Manager, Marketer.

Basic goals and duties. -Delegate a greater percentage of what you do to your manager. Mostly leadership, top level marketing, top level management. Everything that follows is for CEO/Manager

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Week 3
Improvement Process

Goals Lab Workshop, for improvement and working ON your business.  Familiar with how to set it up, with many of the improvement tools, and how to avoid barriers to doing so. Rules.

Learn how to determine the best goals for your business that everyone wants to achieve.Where we are goin and why, then KPIs, indicators, stats, to give us the feedback on how we are doing moving towards our goals.

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Week 4
Break Week

Review materials from

Week 1 thru Week 3

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