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Learn more about our Practice MBA program.

Practice Management Training 

A Practical MBA Program for

Chiropractic Business Owners and Their Managers


Entrepreneurial chiropractors do not receive the support they need!

This training program is for growth-minded chiropractic business owners and their managers. It is also for larger practices. It provides in-depth management, leadership, and marketing training for entrepreneurial chiropractic practices.

As a practice grows, administrative demands grow geometrically. Large and many minor tasks multiply, even more than most owners realize. These take up the owner's time and energy and limit growth, directly affecting the bottom line and quality of life. 

The chiropractic business owner needs to be able to delegate administrative responsibilities to someone who can competently manage all aspects of the business.

I have selected the most practical subjects from my direct work in the field over the last 35 years. If mastered by you and your manager, the bottom line of any chiropractic business will significantly improve.

The lessons taught are for both the business owner and the manager, but the emphasis will be on the manager assuming most of the management duties.

This training does not cover how to bill insurance, set up retirement plans, work out lease arrangements, buy real estate, or analyze tax or legal issues. Nor does it cover patient scripting for the doctor or the front desk.

While these subjects are useful, they do not make or break the success of a practice in the long run. Ultimately, the lack of adequate professional and motivated management limits growth and profits in a growing practice.

Here is what Gallup says about a manager in their recently published bestselling book, It's The Manager:

"Based on our largest global study of the Future of Work, Gallup finds that the quality of managers and team leaders is the single biggest factor in your organization's long-term success."




Practice MBA

 Fall Term - 2024



  1. A competent practice manager. A team member who is trained as a practice manager and can manage the office for the clinic director so that services and revenue improve each year.

  2. A doctor who is trained as a CEO and clinic director

Fall Term: Sept 9  - Dec 12

Duration: 14 weeks

Approximate Hours per week. 3-4 (Some of this time will be work done in and for the clinic.)

Format. 13 Classes are delivered by Zoom on Wednesdays, at 1 pm Central 1.5 hours. (We have a bye on Thanksgiving week.)

Instructor – Ed Petty. Guest instructors include graduates of Practice MBA.


Study Material. The material will come from well-known management and marketing scientists, as well as best practices as observed by Ed Petty and documented in The Goal Driven Business.

Learning Process. Students will be presented with audio, video, and written information. They will be given weekly assignments to apply the information, including:

  • In-office practical assignments based on study material.

  • Cooperative coaching –

    • Students will coach other students on the material

    • Students will coach their clinic director on the material

    • The clinic director will coach the student

  • Share Sessions. Students will have personal "share sessions" with each other as part of the Practice Manager Club.

  • Practice Manager Club Membership. Students will have their own online forum as members of the Practice Manager Club.

  • Capstone Project. Each student must select a special project to complete by the course's end that directly benefits the practice.

  • Private consultations from Ed and also Linda, our training manager and manager for Petty, Michel and Associates.


Support Materials

  • Students will receive a copy of the Goal Driven Business.

  • A Practice Playbook binder as a template for office policies and checklists.

  • Access to Petty, Michel & Associates private Member's site.


Additional services. Monthly Goal Driven practice analytics system set up, calibrated and delivered monthly


Certificate of Completion. Upon successful completion of training and all assignments, students will received a framed wooden certificate of completion.


Fee. $1950 in advance, or $525 over 4 months.


Practice MBA

Curriculum Overview


Our focus will be on:

  • Leadership

  • Management

  • Marketing


The program lasts 14 weeks and has 3 phases.


Phase 1. Produce and Exchange (4 weeks)

Phase 2. Strengthen and Improve ( 5 weeks)

Phase 3. Integrate and Lead (5 weeks)


Phase 1 is a boot camp. The brutal facts of any business always come down to production and marketing. Understanding and accepting this reality is the first step to business leadership, management, and marketing. This phase takes the student from the level of employee to stakeholder and gives them the essential tools to manage a business.

Phase 2. However, to sustain and increase production, the business must constantly improve and strengthen. During this phase, the student will learn tools that support the doctors and service providers. They will become familiar with how to improve individual and team performance by practicing with other managers to improve their skills.


Phase 3. Finally, a business needs more than management – it needs meaningful work, an enjoyable workplace, happy team members, and a purpose to achieve. In the long term, this keeps a business more profitable and less stressful for everyone. At this section, we cover how to develop personal power and create a team of leaders unified to achieve the practice goals.

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