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Goal Driven Academy

Practical MBA for Practice Managers
Management, Leadership, and Marketing

Sponsored by Petty, Michel & Associates

Founders Course Practical Assignments

After each class, you will receive a short list of practical assignments to help you apply the information presented.

A key element of the assignments will be teaching the clinic director the information presented. This helps with understanding the information presented, as in the old adage "To teach is to learn twice," but will also clarify agreements between the manager and the clinic director.

Some exercises will include each manager sharing a tip or two with other managers. Since you are all busy and engaged in the "front lines" of practice management, your firsthand information will be especially practical for your colleagues.

Assignments for each class will be posted in the Managers Community, MBA Training, Library.

Most assignments are due before the following class. The notable exception is the Capstone Project described below.

All assignments must be completed to receive a certificate of completion and diploma.

Capstone Project

The Capstone Project is the most major assignment that will entail all course elements.

​It is a presentation you will give to your office and other students at our last class. The presentation consists of your analysis of your clinic's strengths and weaknesses, what must be done, and by when, to improve clinic performance so that it moves closer to its goals.

​You should begin working on this early in the program.

Format of Capstone Project


  1. State the goals of the clinic.

  2. Describe its strengths and weaknesses. (Pick 2-4 of each)

  3. Propose a general plan to help the office get closer to its goals through better support of its strengths and improvement of its weaknesses, with a focus on strengths.
  4. Include the following areas for improvement:

  • Improve Income

  • Improve patient service experience. 

  Pick at least 2 of the following areas to improve:

  • Improve individual team member's performance.

  • Improve the team's performance as a unified team.

  • Make a more significant positive impact as health leaders in your community.

  • Create a more enjoyable work environment.

  • Allow the doctor/owner to be freer to see more patients and have more time to be a leader and innovator.

 If you have questions or feel stuck at any time, please contact Linda or Ed, and we'll help you.

Looking forward to your empowerment,

Ed  and Linda


Assignments are due by Tuesday morning following the weekly Zoom session.  They should be faxed to 877-868-0909 or emailed to

Week 1   - Assignments

Week 2   - Assignments

Week 3   - Assignments

Week 4   - Break Week

Week 5   - Assignments

Week 6   - Assignments

Week 7   - Assignments

Week 8   - Assignments

Week 9   - Assignments


Week 10 - Break Week

Week 11 - Presentations

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