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MBA2 Insider Updates on Upcoming MBA Training

Letter 1- The Training Works

I want to thank you for your interest in the newest version of our Practice MBA program, which is planned to start this summer.


We wrapped up the last program in December, and I have been reviewing how the offices have been doing since then.  The results were no what I had expected. 

First, I didn't know what to expect. There is no other course like this out there, nor has there been. I have observed over the years that offices with managers did better, and I had research from Gallup and others that proved it. Still, this was our first course, and our focus was on delivering the best information and training possible.

It's been a few months now since the completion of the course, and the results are quietly spectacular. I am thrilled with them.


Here is an example from three offices that participated – all of which have been in operation for 20 years or more.


Read the full letter here


Letter 2 - Removing Barriers & Making Big Shifts

One of the program's major outcomes is removing the known and unknown barriers. You may not know it, and perhaps you do, that you have been held back from achieving your goals. This course reveals the barriers and gives you the tools and knowledge to not only bust through them but bypass them entirely.

You will be making some Big Shifts.

  • One is taking on the role of CEO/Clinic director. We make this simple by working with you to implement the , which includes…

  • A trusted team member taking on the role of Manager.

The course material is 20% for you as the CEO/Clinic Director and 80% for your Manager.

Read the full letter here.

Letter 3

Coming Soon

Letter 4

Coming soon

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