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Practice Development Programs

More Profit,  Better Service, Greater Freedom


Practice Management and Leadership Training

A Practical MBA Program for

Chiropractic Business Owners and Their Managers



Entrepreneurial chiropractors do not receive the support they need.


     As a practice grows, administrative demands grow geometrically. Large and many minor tasks multiply, even more than most owners realize. These take up the owner's time and energy and limit growth, directly affecting the bottom line and quality of life. 


Administrative demands are the  #1 reason hardworking doctors are held back from achieving their goals.


     Imagine if all you had to do was see patients and all the daily management tasks were taken care of for you. Your production, income, and peace of mind would all improve.

     But you can't do this because of the many administrative distractions that pull you away from seeing patients, planning the future, and living your life outside of the office.

     What if you had a manager that truly managed all aspects of your office? A manager that was motivated, proactive, and worked with the staff and you to improve services and help the office achieve its goals. They would help improve performance in every department: marketing, reimbursement, patient services, and individual team member performance, and help create a team driven to reach clinic goals.

     In a recently published bestselling book by Gallup titled, It's The Manager:


​"Based on our largest global study of the Future of Work, Gallup finds that the quality of managers and team leaders is the single biggest factor in your organization's long-term success."

Over the last 30 years of work in the field, we have seen this to be the truth:

 “…the quality of managers and team leaders is the single biggest factor in your organization’s long-term success.”

What is the solution?

  • You could be the manager. This works if you are beginning your business, but as you start to grow, you have less time to train, hire, coach, develop faster procedures, and improve the business's overall performance. And beyond being the CEO and leader, I doubt if you really want to be a manager. Plus, you are trained as a doctor and not a manager.

  • Advertise for a manager? There is no formal management training for chiropractic practice managers outside of C.A., C.T., or billing training. People with experience may apply, but it would be difficult to verify their qualifications except for their performance from an earlier employer.

  • Hire a medically trained manager. We have done this. We have found that medical practice managers are not accustomed to working in entrepreneurial practices, and tend to focus on HIPAA, EHR, and compliance issues more than team improvement, customer service, and marketing.


     Our solution is to train practice managers. And in the bargain, we also train doctors to be CEOs that can work with a manager to create a Goal Driven practice.


     We have selected the most practical subjects from our direct work in the field over the last 35 years. If mastered by you and your manager, the bottom line of any chiropractic business will significantly improve.

     Management is its own subject and skill. It has its own "nuts and bolts."


     As a practice grows, management becomes more challenging but also more necessary.

     I encourage you to set up a short meeting with me if you are interested, and we can discuss the training in more detail and how it would apply to your situation. Just hit the button below and email me or set up a time to chat. I look forward to talking with you.



Goal Driven

Practice Management and Leadership Training

Outcomes and Benefits


     The Goal Driven Practice Management and Leadership Training Program will train the clinic owner/CEO and practice manager on practical leadership and management skills to help the clinic reach its goals.

     Let's look at some of the specific benefits of this training.

9 Benefits for the Practice and Practice Owner


1. Shift from doctor dependency. You and your manager will learn how to shift the practice from dependent upon the doctor's daily and weekly management to dependent upon goals and systems.

2. Escape the Practice Roller Coaster. You and your manager will learn how to take the practice off the Practice Roller Coaster of ups and downs and create a stable business that operates consistently at close to full capacity.

3. Leadership and Management Skills as the CEO/Clinic Director. You will learn the essentials of practical practice leadership and practice management and how to apply them to improve profit and service.

4. The Fast Flow CEO. You will learn how to operate effectively as a CEO in just a few hours per month using the Fast Flow CEO(sm) method.

5. Admin Duties Removed. You will have a motivated and trained manager who understands that their job is to take work off your desk and get it done or to ditch it, with your OK, if it is unimportant.

6. Shared Extreme Responsibility. The manager will understand the importance and urgency of achieving and maintaining the necessary actions to achieve clinic goals. This gives the owner more support as they are not the only one experiencing the demand for both quantity and quality results.

7. Mutual Agreement on Goals. Your manager will be on the same page as you regarding goals, policies, and expectations.

8. Keeping Successful Procedures in Place. Using Servant Leadership, your trained manager will help keep everyone following clinic policies and job procedures, including doctors and you, the clinic director.

9. Constant Improvement. You will have a manager who will know how to work with you to improve team performance to achieve the practice's goals.

6 Benefits for the Manager

1. Practical Management Skills. An existing manager, or new manager, will finally learn and be able to apply essential practice management and leadership skills, including marketing management. This will allow the manager to make a significant positive impact on advancing the practice to its goals.

2.  Improvement Tools. To improve performance, they will learn how to use the necessary tools to work with the team, including the clinic director, doctors, and support staff.

3. Increased Contribution. A trained Goal Driven Manager will be able to improve the quantity and quality of the clinic's services. They can help the clinic help more people and improve the bottom line. Doing so will demonstrate the manager's competence and bring about a sense of accomplishment that is its own reward.

4. Higher Earning Potential. The manager will be able to add more value to the practice and therefore be able to earn more.

5. Goal Driven Practice. In concert with the clinic director, the Goal Driven Manager will be able to create a Goal Driven team that generates more income, provides better service, and creates a more enjoyable work environment.

6. Better Work Environment. In creating a Goal Driven Practice, the manager can work in a more positive work environment. Team members support each other to achieve clinic and personal professional goals, and accomplishments are recognized.

Practice Management Training for Chiropractic Offices

Details and FAQ




This program is for growth-minded chiropractic business owners, larger chiropractic businesses, and their office or practice managers.


The program is primarily for the practice manager. However, the business owner needs to know management to work with their manager and be able to delegate management responsibilities to them. In a Goal Driven practice, both the business owner and the manager work together as a team. Approximately 75% of the work on this program is done by the manager and 25% by the business owner.


The goal of the management training program is to train the manager and the business owner on the practical essentials of business development that can grow their business to its full capacity, improve the quality of its service, and increase their prosperity over the long term. And along the way, experience more happiness in work and life.


The outcome of the training program is a Goal Driven manager and clinic director who know how to transform an entrepreneurial practice into a systematized business that consistently runs at close to full capacity, is more profitable, provides better service, and has more fun!


Call  for details


11 weeks


  • Live video. This will be a live program delivered via video conference to a maximum of 8 offices only.

  • 11 weeks. There will be 1 live webinar per week over 11 weeks, with the 4th and 9th weeks off to review, prepare and share.

  • Separate lessons. Each webinar will last about an hour to an hour and a half, and include 2-3 individual lessons with short breaks between each.

  • Assignments. Each weekly class will have homework assignments to be completed by the manager with the business owner.

  • Manager teaches clinic director. The assignments will include the manager teaching the lessons to the business owner, who will then attest to what they learned and what the manager taught.

  • Assignments graded. Will be turned in and reviewed by Ed Petty.

  • Additional resources. There will be supplemental reference material, including the book The Goal Driven Business.


  • Webinar time: 1.5 hours weekly. (Max)

  • Homework and work assignments: 2-4 hours per week. Some of this time will include constructive management work in and for your practice.

  • Total Hours – class work, about 15 hours, assignments about 30 hours. Total, about 45 hours over 11 weeks. This is about 4 hours per week, but some of this time will be constructive work done in the office. The manager will need all of the time to study and train. However, the clinic owner can spend less time studying. Nevertheless, for the program to be successful, the owner needs to keep up and participate.


  • $2,500.  (Can be paid over a three month period $825/m)



  • The Practice Manager's Club (Private). Managers will have their own forum and break room, like a private Facebook group, only not on Facebook. Each manager will have a profile and can interact with each other privately or as a group. We want to create a chiropractic manager network where managers can interact with each other and provide each other with the kind of support only colleagues can.

  • Live webinars. Each webinar will have a Q&A section. There will also be separate breakout "rooms" where we will pair managers with each other to practice drills.

  • Hot seats and presentations. Managers will be required to give at least one presentation to the group. We will also have a "hot seat," where each manager will present their office situation, and other managers will provide questions and offer suggestions.

  • Tool chest. We will have a separate library of tools and resources specifically for students in the program. You can use these tools to move your practice closer to your goals – faster.

  • Fast support. Students can email questions to Ed or Linda, our Course Coordinator, any time for a 24-hour turnaround during weekdays.

  • Live weekly office hours. We will also have weekly live office hours where students can log on and ask questions.

  • Scheduled personal conferences with the Owner and Manager with Ed Petty and Linda Skiles

  • Frameable certificate for manager and doctor. Must complete all assignments with acceptable performance.


I guarantee to provide the best training possible based on our 35 years of practice management. The ultimate responsibility, however, lies with the student. I will give a full refund within the first 14 days of the start of the course.



  • Course payment.

  • Completed assignments with passing grades. All assignments must be completed with acceptable performance to receive a certificate of completion.

  • Show up. Managers must attend at least eight of the eleven webinars live. All webinars will be recorded for later viewing.

  • Clinic director. The business owner must watch at least two webinars on the CEO/Manager.

  • Best effort. Managers and business owners agree to give their best efforts to study the information presented, complete the assignments, and help other managers on the program improve.

  • Employee compensation. Managers should be paid for time spent training unless exempt. (Exempt employees are exempt from overtime regulations and usually are paid a salary.) We also recommend that the manager receive an award, financial or otherwise, upon completion of the program provided by the clinic.



The curriculum has 3 phases:


1. PRODUCE AND EXCHANGE - 2 weeks. This phase is the boot camp section upon which the rest of the program rests. It covers the essentials to any business success, the need for better management, and the clinic director and manager roles.

2. IMPROVE and STRENGTHEN - 7 weeks. This phase grows and refines your practice. It covers developing and improving practice and team member performance. We will also look at the key elements of practice marketing. We end this phase of the program with an in-depth study of the manager's role and how the manager and the clinic director work synergistically as a team.


3. INTEGRATE and LEAD - 2 weeks. This section gets personal and helps the student understand and clarify the need for personal integrity, personal and professional goals, and how to help others align their goals with those of the practice. Teaching is leading, and each student will be required to give a 5-10 minute presentation to successfully pass this program and receive a certificate.

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