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More Profit, Better Service, Greater Freedom

Goal Driven Coaching Programs

Ed Petty coaching business owners


I am Ed Petty, the author of The Goal Driven Business and I want to tell you about our new Goal Driven Coaching programs.

What the Goal Driven Coaching Programs Do: The Outcomes

Our coaching programs are designed to help you achieve greater prosperity, improve the quantity and quality of your services, and ultimately give you more freedom.

We achieve this by helping you shift your practice from one dependent upon you as the owner to one dependent upon a team and systems dedicated to achieving practice goals.

Our goal is to help you achieve a Goal Driven Practice. This is a practice that operates at full capacity, very profitably, provides world-class services, and offers you more freedom to pursue professional, business, and personal pursuits. A Goal Driven Practice will allow you to clone your services, sell your business, or comfortably cruise and accumulate your well deserve wealth.

There are hidden barriers to achieving your goals. Unless these are addressed, understood, and overcome, most doctors will continue to be trapped in an up-and-down roller coaster of endless work going nowhere.

Using the Goal Driven System, we will show you where the barriers are and how they hold you back. Getting stuck in the growth of your practice is not your fault, as these obstacles affect most business owners but are difficult to recognize, let alone overcome. We can show you what these barriers are, where they are, and how to overcome them. We will help you build a faster practice that operates more profitably, provides better services, and is more enjoyable.

Two Levels of Service

Currently, we offer two levels of service.

Basic Coaching. Our Basic Coaching provides minimal but valuable and effective support that helps you achieve a Goal Driven Practice.

Executive Coaching. For faster and more comprehensive support, we offer the Executive Program.  It includes a full suite of services, including manager training, associate program, and marketing training. There is no other program like it.


Goal Driven Coaching Services
Monthly Services Details

Goal Driven Analytics. We help you set up a complete tracking system to monitor the performance of your practice operations and marketing and then provide monthly reports, including monthly, year-to-date, charts showing trends, percentages, and new patient tracker. Each month they are personally analyzed with observations and recommendations, post-mailed and posted on your private dashboard. (More info.)

Private dashboard. You will have your own dashboard of monthly stats, reports from meetings for follow-up, and selected references relevant to your unique situation.

Private Member’s Site of hundreds of practice building templates

Practice Manager Club for your manager. (Must qualify) (Find out more about the Practice Manager Club.)

Monthly Team Meeting. Monthly group management meeting via Zoom with follow up list of projects mailed

2 Clinic Director follow-up coaching calls

2 Manager follow-up calls

1 optional call

Management Training Program.  (Find out more about the Management Training Program.)

Associate Doctor Program. This is a specialty of ours have hired, trained, and coached hundreds of associate doctors and their bosses. We will help with recruiting, interviewing, hiring, contracting, and training.

On-site visit training and coaching – This service has been one of the distinguishing features of our company and something not provided as a regular service by any other company. In includes a complete on-site analysis of your office and team, with specific private and group coaching tailored to your unique situation. Consists of a minimum of two visits per year, with more depending on proximity to Whitefish Bay, WI.

E-Newsletter support (after 3 months) You provide us with the info, we format the email and send to your database. (Client pays for outside email service which is very nominal.)

Email support - Email with questions any time. 24-hour response during weekdays.
12-month agreement, no contract breakage fee after 3 months.

More Info About Petty, Michel & Associates

To Register

To register for one of our Goal Driven Coaching Programs, or just to learn more about it, please:

  1. Make an appointment to talk to me,

  2. Email him at

  3. Give me a call now! (414) 332-4511 (landline)

Management Training Program

For clinic directors and their managers.
11-week live and intensive program on managing an entrepreneurial chiropractic practice.

The next training is scheduled for September, 2023. Limited to 6 offices.
The outcome is a Goal Driven Manager.


Practice Manager Club

Private club just for chiropractic managers.
A community of professional chiropractic managers who learn from each other and help their offices improve. Monthly webinar and share session on Management Tips, Marketing Tips, And what is working in offices.


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