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Practice Manager's Club


Why a Practice Manager’s Club

There is no doubt that a motivated practice manager who can do their job well is extremely valuable to the success of a practice.


And while this is true, the role of the chiropractic practice manager is not always given the recognition, credit, or support it is due.

The Practice Manager’s Club helps foster a community of professionals that can support each other and thereby help each other’s practices improve.


Features of the Club

Each month, the Club will meet for about an hour to an hour and a half for a management and marketing training. It will have three parts:

Part 1. Management tips with a Q& A afterward.

Part 2. Marketing tips with a Q&A afterward.  

Part 3. Share Session: What’s Working. Club members will give a short presentation about what is working at their office with a Q&A afterwards.


  • Individual share sessions with other managers. Managers will also be required to contact at least one other manager for a mutual share session by phone, once per month.

  • Manager Forum. The managers will have their own forum, like a Facebook group, though not on Facebook. 

  • Monthly clinic director update. Managers must give the clinic director a monthly report on what they learned in the Practice Manager’s Club.

  • Individual Coaching with myself or Linda. Optional coaching through email or 1 call.


We help each other -- help others.


$195/m  To apply for the PMC, or just to learn more about it, please make an appointment to talk to Ed, or email him at

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