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Who We Are

The Goal Driven Business is a book authored by Edward Petty.

Ed has been developing profitable businesses for over thirty-five years.  In working firsthand with business owners across the country, including twenty he and his company, Petty, Michel & Associates co-owned, Ed has been able to map faster pathways to a more prosperous and low-stress business. He has identified universal patterns in business development that can propel any venture to its goals faster.  Distilling his observations and correlating them with the research from others, Ed has laid out a step-by-step approach to business development he calls the Goal Driven System.


          He feels that the independent business owner and practice provider fulfill a heightened and crucial role in the 2020 decade and beyond, as corporations and automation become more dominant. This system was developed to help the independent business become more profitable and serve more people. Ed enjoys time with his family, spending time on the Lake Michigan on a board, and martial arts. He can be contacted through


          But Ed is not alone.

          The Goal Driven System was born from the work Ed did with Petty, Michel, and Associates – a practice development company which is now the oldest established consultancy of its kind in the U.S.

Dave Michel.jpg

Working with his business partner of over 35 years, Mr. Dave Michel, PM&A focused on providing onsite consulting services primarily to chiropractors around the country. 

ed and david.jpg

          Ed says: “We love the chiropractic profession – they were organic before it was popular! They are entrepreneurial. And, they are just a bit maverick and independent – like us! However, there are many other doctors and providers in other professions who are also independent and now seek to provide the best care for their patients without a larger organization dictating what they should or shouldn’t do. The Goal Driven System will help them grow their businesses as well.”

Blues Brothers.jpg

Ed Petty with his business partner, David Michel.  They consider themselves the "Management Brothers" -- they like Blues, are about 106 miles north of Chicago, have a full tank of gas, and are wearing sunglasses. 

Behind the scenes, there is also our Linda. She is our manager, accountant, webmistress, and helps us with all the administrative details that pop up. She is also a pretty good landscaper, quilter, city manager, mother, cook, daughter and practice manager. 

There are also many fine associates that work with Petty, Michel, and Associates, and they are resources for us as well. 

For more info on our heritage, you can pop over to PM&A website and learn more about us here.

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