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  • What makes the Goal Driven System different or better than comparable alternatives?
    Most practice management programs are centered around the experiences of one doctor who has done well. Sort of “this is how I succeeded, and you can do it to.” This may work for a few doctors, but since it is personality based, their programs don’t help most doctors aside from some short-term motivation. We entered the industry from a management and marketing perspective. As such, we do not have the same bias’ as many consultants who teach how they did it in their clinic. This has allowed us to uncover hidden practice barriers that keep motivated doctors from significantly scaling their business. Our program is based upon universal principles, not personality. It also has proven itself to be effective.
  • Will your system work with other types of service businesses?
    Yes. The Goal Driven System is absolutely perfect for any type of service business, from doctors, dentists, accountants, plumbers, therapists, and possibly, even attorneys! (lol) The biggest dilemma with any service provider is how do you run a business and grow it, while at the same time, provide excellent service? The Goal Driven System resolves this dilemma.
  • You are not a chiropractor. Why have you worked mostly with chiropractors?
    Good question. There are a number of reasons. Many years ago, I bumped into a chiropractor who asked me to help him with his business. One thing led to another, and here I am! As I worked with the doctors and staff at his office, I discovered that I liked chiropractic as a health profession. It provides non-drug solutions to many health issues. I was health-minded – and still am. It resolved a troubling issue my 2-year-old son had at the time with his low back. I saw it help many other people with their pain and health issues. Chiropractors are very popular with their patients. Chiropractic patients have always been the primary reason the profession has grown. The chiropractor was entrepreneurial, and many wanted to grow their practice as a business. The difficulty was that, as busy doctors, they had little training or inclination to manage their business. So working with chiropractors was a perfect for me as I enjoy business development. On a larger scale, the chiropractic profession is the largest non-medical health industry in the U.S. While the profession has high standards with its own licensing boards, it is not beholding to Big Pharma, hospitals, or medical boards. They typify the American spirit of pioneering, homesteading, and free enterprise. My parents both had their own independent small businesses, and I felt more comfortable with companies that had local control. It has its own greater purpose, as espoused by its earlier leaders, who felt that everyone could benefit from chiropractic care and thus reduce human suffering. In short, chiropractors are entrepreneurial yet also deliver excellent clinical outcomes. They also have a greater purpose, are independent, and are just a bit maverick -- like us!
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