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What is a Goal Driven Business?

A Goal Driven Business is a business, or practice, whose actions follow policies and procedures based on agreed-upon and shared goals. It is distinguished from an entrepreneurial and personality-based practice where most actions depend on the owner.

Because of the following advantages, a Goal Driven Business is more profitable, less stressful, requires less day-to-day management, and creates a more enjoyable to work environment. It's more fun to come to work!

The Goal Driven Business is especially suited for chiropractors and other professional service providers to create a Goal Driven Practice.

Goal Driven Business has these advantages:

  • Income and profit increase.

  • 30% or more of administrative duties are eliminated or delegated.

  • Doctors and providers are better supported to operate at full capacity.

  • Procedures are streamlined and simplified.

  • Service and outcomes improve, which produces happier patients.

  • Patient and external referrals increase which reduces marketing expenses.

  • Team members are guided to become experts and goal driven to achieve the mission and outcomes of the business.

  • Additional providers can be added more easily.

  • Work becomes more enjoyable and meaningful. Doctors and support team have fun in practice.

  • There is more time for the owner to pursue professional and personal activities.

  • As a result, income and profit continue to increase.

Is this for you? Do you want this?

Let’s talk! I'd love to see how you could create your ideal Goal Driven Practice. After 35 years in the field, I can say that the Goal Driven Practice is what you have dreamed about.
Your dreams can be achieved. The difficulty is not that you lack the skill, energy, or courage. Your goals are hard to accomplish because hidden barriers and booby traps get in the way.
After years of fighting, most doctors finally just settle. They accept their condition even though it is less than they had hoped for.

I know what these barriers are. I have studied them and worked with other doctors to avoid them. And because of this, they could grow and achieve more of their dreams than they ever thought they could.   

Let’s talk.


(414) 332-4511 (Just leave a message, and we can schedule a time to talk.)

Seize Your Future.

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