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Special Promotions You Can Use in Your Chiropractic Office in May

Special promotions are one-time events where you offer your patients and community something extra. The goal is to improve patient retention, referrals, add more new patients, and improve your goodwill.

These promotions can be part of your chiropractic marketing mix, along with external relationship building, newsletters to your patients, personalized social media posting, and occasional ads.

There is an extra benefit if you tie your special promotion to an existing holiday or observance. Doing so will tap into the current buzz and excitement surrounding the holiday or observance. This can increase your visibility, social media engagement, and position you next to a popular event.

You'll be trending!

May has several special dates which you can consider for your promotion. Here are a few:

***Spinal Health Month. The entire month has been recognized as Spinal Health Month. In the past, we have put up banners, sent out emails, and promoted this month to patients and non-patients as a great time to come in for a no-charge spinal checkup and consultation. You can promote this throughout the month, but I would make the offer good for just one week, perhaps the 3rd or 4th week of the month.

*** Mother's Day. (Sunday, May 14th) Some offices give flowers to all the mothers that come in the last few days of the week before Mother's Day. I have also seen clinics include a coupon for a discounted or no-charge introductory service for the mother as a gift. You can also give a flower to a patient if they give it to their mom!

*** Women's Checkup Day (Second Monday of May). May 8th If you are not tapping into Posture Month for a promotion, you can use this observance to promote a screening and consultation.

***Memorial Day (Monday, May 29th.) Memorial Day commemorates the lives of those who died fighting for their country. I recall my dad, who worked on navy ships during WWII, wearing a red poppy around Memorial Day. As a kid, I asked him why, and he explained it was in remembrance of those who died in the War.

***National Poppy Day (Friday, May 26th.) The poppies are handmade by veterans as part of their therapeutic rehabilitation and distributed across the country by the American Legion Auxiliary in exchange for donations that assist disabled and hospitalized veterans. You can check with your local American Legion and see if you can be a location where patients and their friends can also donate and pick up a red carnation to wear. Perhaps you could donate a clinic service to match anyone donating.

(Please find links and references below.)

Important note: while coupling your special promotions with existing holidays or observances can help your office, your motivation should also be to support the goal of the holiday or observance.

Special promotions can enliven the usual day-to-day procedures with a fresh twist that is both fun and productive for the entire clinic team.


Posture Month

Women's Checkup Day (Monday, May 8th)

Mothers Day (Sunday, May 14th)

Poppy Day (Friday, May 26th)

Memorial Day (Monday, April 29th)


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