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What Makes You and Your Chiropractic Healthcare Practice Special?

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Celebrating Health and Business Freedom

JULY 2nd

1776, Philadelphia.

The weather was cooler than usual, with intermittent rain showers. Some 50 members of the 2nd Continental Congress met at Independence Hall and finally agreed, after months of discussion,

“That these United Colonies are, and of right ought to be, free and independent States…”

We celebrate this declaration on July 4th in the USA as our Independence Day.

Aside from the summer cookouts, barbecues, parades, and festivities, we celebrate freedom - freedom from tyranny and freedom to pursue “Happiness.”

= = =

It could be said that multinational investment corporations, along with Bill Gates -- whom Google Search offers up as the most powerful doctor in the U.S.*, have colonized the healthcare system in the U.S.

You and your team are independent chiropractic and healthcare businesses. You are not a colony of Big Pharma, Medicine, or Food. They have fought and marginalized you, but you have won and remain free. (**)

And it is not too big of a leap to point out that this is what you do for others: you help your patients and clients to become freer from pain, discomfort, and dysfunction. You help them become more independent from drugs and the toxic influences of our world.

As the July 4th celebration is for American Independence, I invite you to see this time as also a celebration for independent businesses and health care providers -- like you.

= = =

Freedom is never free, and each of us at Petty, Michel & Associates appreciates your efforts to maintain and grow your business and help your patients and clients seek happiness.


Thank you for staying free and helping others do the same.

Ed and Dave, and all of us at Petty, Michel, & Associates


* Screen capture of Google: “First search result when asked: “Who is the most powerful doctor in the U.S.”

** Contain and Eliminate, Howard Holinsky

Most powerful doctor according to Google.


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