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End of Year Preparation for Your Chiropractic and Healthcare Practice

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Preparing for a goal driven future.

From the front to the back of your practice

As farmers know, you must plan ahead and then work your plan. That is part of the Law of the Farm we discussed last week.

This is a short and fast reminder of some activities to consider as we enter into the last two months of the year:

  • Marketing – The front end of your practice. Keep it hopin'!

  • Business -- The back end of your practice. Organize for the future.


With good scheduling and planning, there is no reason for disappointment in production for November and December. To help keep the atmosphere thankful, cheerful, and productive, here are a few promotional ideas:

Thanksgiving (U.S.A.) Turkey giveaways have been popular with many practices. The basic idea is to refer a friend and enter a drawing for a free turkey.

Thank-a-Veteran Day. Veterans Day – November 11. Special promotions, including free or discounted services or donations to local veterans' organizations.

Donation Drives. Holiday time always brings an increased demand for helping those less fortunate. Within your office, you can set up a collection area for donation programs in your area.

Girl's Night Out. This is a shopping/gift exchange that can take place in your office that builds community and helps generate referrals.

Poinsettia Give Away. Give away free poinsettias, one per family. Include cards with a gift certificate for family members or friends for your services.

Your External Referral Network. Deliver a fruit basket or other present personally during December with a card of thanks and mention how you are looking forward to another year working together for better health. Your External Referral Network would include any person or organization that referred a new patient to you, where you gave a lecture or screening, or in any way directly contributed to your office.

Patient Appreciation. Have a party. Your patients are part of your practice and health community. They are a select group of like-minded health seekers. Bring them together, recognize their efforts to improve their health in 2023 and 2024, and encourage them to help others do the same. Everyone gets Guest Passes to hand out to family and friends when they leave. (I still love the Flying Elvis' coming in for a big patient appreciation party one office used to have!)


Once you get your marketing plan worked out and in gear, take time to review the business situation of your chiropractic or healthcare

practice. These behind-the-scenes details are important but not always urgent! They are pretty obvious - this is just a reminder!

Accountant. You will want to meet with your accountant to review your financial statements, including your balance sheet and profit and loss. There have been changes to retirement laws, so check with them about how they may affect you. Review your tax situation and explore strategies to minimize it. Ensure that all tax-related documents and filings are up to date.

Legal and Licensing. Check the status of licenses and permits and renew them as needed. Consult with your attorney to review contracts and legal obligations.

Employee benefits. Consider benefit reviews as well as bonuses.

Payors. You'll want to review your insurance contracts and dump any that don't bring a good return.

Fees. Take a look at your fees and make any adjustments that are needed.

Compliance. This can be delegated, but ensure that you at least minimally meet basic HIPAA and OSHA standards. You can check with your local state association for recommendations for these and any other requirements.

Budget Planning. Work out a general budget for next year that incorporates all the findings from your financial review and business goals.

This is not a complete list, of course.

Preparation is working on your business, not just in it, but it is just as essential.

Let's end the year prosperous and secure for the future.



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