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Preparing for Autumn

“When you fail to prepare, you’re preparing to fail.”

John Wooden (QuoteInvestigator)

September is upon us, and autumn is just ahead.

I encourage you to be thinking about your practice development plans for the last quarter of this year – October, November, and December. Let’s start with some fast ideas on promotions:

  • October is National Chiropractic Month (Used to be National Spinal Health Month). October 16th is World Spine Day. Not sure who comes up with these “Observances,” and I don’t really care. Don’t think it makes much difference… You can call October “National Get Your Rear in Here Month” if you want. I like to use the word “national” as it seems to imply that everyone now must comply and “report in.” It’s official, at least in your office.

  • November is a good time for “Cause” promotions. These are promotions that are linked to a worthy charitable cause that you feel genuine about. Word of warning: Don’t fake it. TV stations that promote “Toys for Tots” are so obviously insincere that I can’t believe they still do them. Find a charity that you and your team, and patients, want to support. Done right, you’d be surprised at how popular these promotions can be.

  • December is an opportunity to hunker down with all your patients, active and inactive. Parties, events, showing some gratitude and best wishes for the New Year.

  • Improvement Goals. Look at what you can do to improve clinic performance, including:

o Continuing education for you.

o C.E. for your team. Seminars, webinars, podcasts, books!

o Team trainings in the office.

o Individual team member training in the office.

o Procedures: “How can we do this better?”

o Software updates

o Backlogs eliminated

o Decor

  • 2023 Sometime in November, you should also look at your plans for January. The New Year also approaches fast.

All this may seem a bit much to consider, but time waits for no one.

Schedule a couple of sessions this month with your team and do some planning.


And Seize the Future,


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