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Reach and Maintain Maximum Cruising Altitude in Your Chiropractic or Healthcare Practice

A chiropractic or health care practice flying high.

As a chiropractic or healthcare business owner, you ultimately have 1 of 3 destinations you want to achieve.

  1. Cruise at Maximum Altitude. Reach your full operational capacity, stay there and cruise, accumulate wealth, and enjoy the ride.

  2. Cruise at Maximum Altitude and Expand. Reach your full operational capacity, then clone yourself and bring on other doctors, providers, or heaven help you, other offices.

  3. Attain Maximum Altitude and Sell. Reach your full operational capacity and sell your business.

Operating at full capacity would be adjusting and treating as many patients as possible comfortably with full staff support. It would be your maximum production level where you, and all the doctors and providers, were fully booked.

Getting to your full capacity is one thing. Staying there is another altogether.

There are several reasons why it can be so challenging to maintain your maximum capacity. Some causes are apparent, some hide in plain sight, and some are difficult to recognize, accept, or overcome.

Here are a few:

  1. You are a chiropractic or healthcare entrepreneur. You like the challenge of growth. But you get bored easily. After you reach the top of the mountain, you look around for another challenge, and in the process – oops! You stop doing what worked.

  2. Passion, Inspiration, & Fast Marketing. You can often achieve high production because of sudden inspiration from a recent seminar or tapping into a new marketing niche. In either case, passion doesn’t last forever, and fishing holes are soon fished out.

  3. Your team is not ready. You don’t have the team in place to support the higher volume.

  4. Doctor AND CEO. You don’t have the time and energy to provide high-quality care to more and more patients AND manage your business at the same time.

Other snares, barriers, landmines, pirates, and even false prophets block your growth, pull you down, or lead you astray and keep you from hitting your maximum altitude, but the above four are common.

Here are remedies to the above 4 hurdles:

  1. Yes, you are an entrepreneur -- but keep doing what works. It may need some adjusting now and then, but if you were calling the new patient after their first adjustment and treatment when you were growing and doing well – keep doing it!

  2. Generate your own inspiration weekly. Read, watch videos, go to where you go for spiritual revival, and talk to positive colleagues. Talk to your coach(s)! You could go to a hospital or talk to nurses and see what happens to people who didn’t see you! Remember, the Power comes from above down and then inside out.

  3. Invest in building your team. It takes time to build an expert team. Ensure you hire right and then regularly coach your team.

  4. Systems. The dilemma of being an expert doctor while also a competent CEO is solved by implementing systems, especially management systems. Michael Gerber discussed this in his book, The E-Myth, a standard text for most owners of service businesses. My book, the Goal Driven Business, expands upon it.

Apply these 4 remedies now -- and when you do reach your full capacity, you will have a much easier time staying there.

If you are looking for a guide or a flight instructor to help you reach your cruising altitude, let me know!

Seize Your Future,



If your practice building efforts aren’t taking you to your goals,

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