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2024 - A Good Year to Be Braver in Healthcare, Chiropractic, Business, and Life in 2024 for chiropractic healthcare
Good Morning Lake Michigan! Jan 2, 2024

How to Be Braver

This is going to be a good year to be brave.  

There are a couple of reasons:

First, there is -- and will be -- a lot happening in the world and the US. Whew! We got the wars, the elections, the economy, and the behind-the-scenes agitation sowing distrust and division. I don’t need to enumerate. But bravery will help us all.

Second though, it’s a great time to go for it and reach your goals. And why not?

Isn’t that what bravery is? Sticking to your goals, regardless.

Isn’t bravery about caring - caring about where you want to go -- and why?  

It’s the straight arrow commitment to our destinations -- what we want for ourselves and those we care about.

There are many distractions thrown in our way and overcoming them is courageous. But really, it is just sticking to it. 

We have our own odd fears, ideas, and biases that can preoccupy us and dampen our cheerful vigor. And there are the odd fears, ideas, and biases of people close to us that can slow us down. And these are kept in constant agitation by the reporting of the factual tragedies and horrors that go on daily. Good news doesn’t sell newspapers. Scandals, sensationalism, and fear-inducing headlines sell.  

Our attention, and your patient’s, is manipulated. Look at this, but don’t look over here. Watch out for that person, politician, or virus, be careful, and shelter in place. 

But we are not made for shelters. We are explorers and entrepreneurs. We are innovators and dreamers.

As an entrepreneur or working in an independent business, you get hit more than people who work as employees of corporate-controlled businesses. You ‘ll need to be braver than others.

But of course, you are.

Over the last couple of weeks, I had the chance to read through parts of two books. One, by Walter Issacson, on Elon Musk. Great author, he also wrote a biography on Steve Jobs, which I loved. Musk’s grandfather was a chiropractor in Canada, by the way, and his entire family were adventurers. Another book I gave to my granddaughters, and we reviewed in our MBA program, by Reshna Sanjani, called Brave, Not Perfect.  

These books and the people in them reminded me that bravery, while not easy, is simply sticking to our goals.

I was also reminded that it’s very difficult to make it on your own.

It matters who you associate with. Loners do not achieve goals. We make our progress with the help of other people.

Don’t let the environment comprise your connection to truth, compassion, and your goals.

Be braver. Help others reach their goals, and don’t be too shy or proud to reach out for assistance.  

We’re here – and want to help you achieve your goals. (Contact us about our new programs fore this year!)

It’s 2024. Let’s go!!

Ed Petty, Edward Petty,, chiropractic
Ed Petty -- Let's Go!


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