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A Health Challenge for Your Chiropractic and Healthcare Office

Chiropractic Healthcare Caring to Share

A month promotion where everyone wins

A local hot yoga studio where I live usually sees their numbers drop in the summer. So, a few years ago, they instituted a solution to lowered attendance: The Yoga Challenge. Attend 30 times over the summer and be eligible for a trip with your guest to a week of Yoga at a retreat in Costa Rica.

I know the owners, and the program has been overwhelmingly successful.

Why is this?

Well, obviously, a week paid for in Costa Rica can be a wonderful experience and so is an appealing goal. But much more than that, there are the intrinsic rewards of personal achievement and playing for a bigger goal. 30 visits of hot Yoga over three months is an accomplishment – you couldn’t help but get in better shape -- if you didn’t become dehydrated and wrinkled like a dried prune.


The short answer is … YES!

We have worked with clinics that have had success with versions of this program.

Essentially, a Challenge is a game and we all like games!

Whether it’s puppies, babies, or the Olympics, the gaming spirit is part of our makeup. Can we win? Can we achieve it? Let’s go for it.

Computer games include the concept of gamification. (Fun Fact: The computer game industry is expected to hit $282 billion in 2024)* That does not even include revenue from professional sports or racing.

I cover all this subject in my book, the Goal Driven Business , and how to apply it to everyday practice.


You could meet with your team and discuss different versions of a “Care to Share Better Health Challenge.”

The goal would be to have fun getting healthier, helping others get healthier, and maybe win a few gifts!

“By accepting this Challenge, you will get healthier, help others get healthier, and maybe even win gifts!

To participate, patients receive tickets for completing health-oriented accomplishments.

Here are some examples of health-oriented activities:

  1. Attend one of our Wellness Classes. (2 tickets)

  2. Bring a guest.(2 tickets)

  3. Post a review of our services.(2 tickets)

  4. Keep all of your appointments. (3 tickets)

  5. Refer a friend to a no-charge consultation with one of our doctors. (2 tickets.)

  6. Exercise at least 3 hours per week (12 for the month). (3 tickets)

Tickets are entered into a drawing for several possible prizes at the end of the month.


What makes a program like this work is that it is also a game for your staff. If specific goals are met, then they, too, receive awards!

Everyone is in the game!

A Challenge will need planning and lots of cheer leading! As with any internal type of promotion, it depends on the level of synergy in the office.

Talk it over with your team and customize it. Make up your own Challenge. Set goals for visits, class attendances, introductory consultations, and/or new patients.

And, let the games begin.



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