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How to End on a Win Each Day in Your Chiropractic and Healthcare Practice

celebrating wins in a chiropractic office


Remember that time you were leaving for work in the morning and just as you were about to leave, you couldn't find your keys? (It might have been your wallet, purse, or important papers.) As you tried to quell your rising panic, you thought – what if I am late? What about the patients? What if I have to call a cab, a Lyft or Uber? All the alternative scenarios and plans start weighing on you. Worried, distraught, you get ready to call the office when…there they are! Your keys, papers, the vital components to your daily life and you make a joyous reunion. And you are on your way.

That was a big win.

Five minutes later, you have forgotten the entire dramatic event. As if it never occurred.


Many patients who have had pains or discomforts for years, after finally experiencing relief thanks to your chiropractic care, take it almost for granted after a day or so. Even though it was a big win.

You, too, begin to experience the daily Miracles as Usual as commonplace. You and your team become accustomed to them.

And worse, we can let the "negative few outweigh the positive many."


Our minds are wired, especially business owners, to be alert for dangers, threats, and failures. And because of this, we overlook the accomplishments, the successes, and the wins we all have.

They happen every day. We get work DONE… when we might have just let it slide. We take the extra time and make the extra effort, even as no one notices. We make it happen.

In an otherwise cold and frightening world, we help others through our actions -- and even by our positive presence.

And the world reinforces the negative. Sensation drives all media. It "click baits" us, like emergency flagmen calling our attention to the as-yet-unseen car wrecks ahead of us.

But amidst the world's chaos, the dramas of our patients, and the struggles of our own lives, we are here to help, and to whatever large or small degree we do, that is a win. We contributed something good into the world that day.

But our wins are easily overlooked. First, by ourselves, and second, by others.


So… don't let this happen. You can change this! Change it in your practice and change it at home.

And if you do, you will create a more healing atmosphere in your practice and love in your life. Your day will end better, and your next new day will start fresh with greater cheer.

  1. At the office, after the day is done, ask the staff to tell you about at least one success they had! Listen. Applaud or cheer or hug. Hurrah! Tell them about an accomplishment you had!

  2. And when you get home, and get a moment with your spouse or kids, ask them to tell you about a win they experienced.

You are doing good work. You are helping people. So are others with whom you work and live.

Recognize and celebrate this, and at the end of each day, simply ask each person with whom you work to tell you and the others their win or wins and cheer for them. Let them do the same for you.

You deserve It – and so do they.

End on a win.


PS I was reminded of this at the recent Chiropractic Society of Wisconsin conference in Wisconsin. One very successful doctor with whom I had the privilege of talking to mentioned that at the end of the day, he would meet with his team and acknowledge a win each of them had. I too, years ago, had done this with a team I had worked with, but as the world turns, I've let this very successful procedure drop aside.


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