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Hiring, Retaining, and Engaging Staff Post COVID

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The Goal Driven Practice by Gallup

I remember listening to Bruce Lipton talking in San Francisco at a Life West seminar about how chiropractic was so advanced that cellular biology, specifically epigenetics, was just starting to catch up. My thought listening to him was that, while chiropractic was perhaps ahead of its time, its management was still in the Industrial Age.

Michael Gerber of E-Myth fame and many other consultants emphasize the importance of procedures. Procedures, systems, and routine methods that bring about consistent results are the "best practices" businesses strive to achieve. This is the basis of the franchise model.

But while procedures are important, people are more important.

Therefore, the most vital procedures are those that you use to help your people become more competent and motivated. These are leadership and management procedures.

Leadership and management have always been important. But we are in the 2020's now, long past the Industrial model of assembly-line procedural work. We are past the Information Age. And now, past COVID.

The world has changed, and how we run our practices must also change. The old model of the dominating doctor and his secretary, or "girls," hasn't worked well over the last 20 years. And now, we have seen many offices struggling to find, retain, and engage qualified employees and doctors.

Just as my book, The Goal Driven Business, was being published, I became aware of another book that Gallup just recently published called It's the Manager. Not to brag, but much of what they explain is also covered in my book, especially for practices. What I like about Gallup, aside from validating my information, is the stats from the hundreds of studies they have completed.

It is now vital that you take on the role of Clinic Director or senior manager, which is different from doctor or business owner, and develop your leadership and management skills.

In short, you need to create a Goal Driven team of employees, doctors, and patients – all working together to achieve positive goals. This is a holistic, even futuristic, model of business.

We have been building new courses to train doctors and their managers in leadership, management, and marketing principles which we will pilot later this summer. (Replying to this email lets me know if you might be interested. I will keep you in the loop.)

But let's start creating your Goal Driven Dream Team now.

Let's begin with a recommendation from Gallup:

"Gallup recommends that organizations immediately change their culture from old will to new will. These are the six biggest changes that we discovered: [I only include the first change below.]

"Millennials and Generations Z don't just work for a paycheck --- they want a purpose. Their work must have a meaning. In the past, baby boomers and other generations didn't necessarily need meaning in their jobs. They just wanted a paycheck. Their mission and purpose were their families and communities. For millennials and Generation Z, compensation is important and must be fair, but it's no longer their primary motivation. The emphasis for these generations has switched from paycheck to purpose – and so should your culture."

Seize your future,



If your practice building efforts aren’t taking you to your goals,

there are reasons -- many of which are hidden from you.

Find out what they are and how to sail to your next level by getting and implementing my new book, The Goal Driven Business.

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The Goal Driven Business By Edward Petty

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