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Why You Should Have a Turnkey Chiropractic and Healthcare Practice

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The Practice Development Scale

If you were going to buy a practice, wouldn't you prefer it to be "turnkey?"

If you were to work as a chiropractic doctor or provider in another clinic, you'd want it to be "turnkey," right?

Or, as a support professional and assistant, I bet working in a turnkey office would be your preference.


The term "turnkey" implies that the necessary operational elements of a practice are in place so that all the owner or practitioner has to do is "turn the key," and the practice just goes!

A turnkey practice is so well organized that the stress level is low, the revenue is high, and the service outcomes are excellent.

Consider a scale of 1-5, where 5 is a turnkey practice, and 0 is an insolvent practice.


___5: Turnkey Practice

  • The practice is fully equipped and operates at close to full capacity. It is ready to be sold, to bring on additional providers, or just happily and profitably cruise.

  • There is a strong, established patient base ensuring regular revenue.

  • Administrative, billing, scheduling, and management systems are highly efficient.

  • The practice is financially robust, accumulating income over expenses each month.

  • The practice has a trained and established manager who ensures the seamless operation and continuity of all systems and procedures.

  • Staff are highly skilled, well-trained, and capable of independently managing the practice. Morale is high.

  • The business owner spends just a few hours each month on administration.

___4: Well-Established Practice

  • The practice is well-established and runs well.

  • There is a large, loyal client or patient base.

  • Administrative systems are efficient.

  • The practice is financially stable.

  • Staff members are trained and experienced.

  • The owner spends a few hours each week on administration.

__3: Growing practice

  • The practice is showing signs of growth.

  • The client or patient base is stable and increasing.

  • Administrative systems are more organized.

  • Financial health is improving.

  • Staffing is more stable, with ongoing training.

  • Owner works hard each week

___2: Basic Operational Practice

  • The practice has the basic elements required for operation.

  • There is a modest, gradually growing client or patient base.

  • Basic administrative systems are in place but may be inefficient.

  • Financial stability is tenuous but improving.

  • Staff are present but may lack competence or numbers.

  • Daily admin operations are dependent on the owner

___1: Struggling practice

  • The practice is operational but faces significant challenges.

  • There is a small, inconsistent client or patient base.

  • Administrative systems are inefficient or nonexistent.

  • Financial difficulties are prevalent, with cash flow issues and potential debt.

  • Staff may be minimal, overworked, or inadequately trained.

  • Owner stressed by dealing with administrative tasks

___0: No Practice / Insolvent


Once you have achieved turnkey practice, you can sell it for the highest price.

Or, you now have the option to add another provider profitably. There is no limit – if you develop each provider to a turnkey level before adding more.

But the third option is just to cruise and have fun seeing patients with a great team supporting you and the practice. This option allows you to continue helping your patients while integrating your personal life with your practice life.

In a subsequent article, I will list the key roadblocks, some of them hidden, that can get in your way from creating a turnkey practice. I will also show you how to get to a turnkey practice faster.

But just knowing this scale will give you a map to better chart your course to success.

Keeping the end in mind,



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