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Planning Your Chiropractic Marketing for the 4th Quarter in 2023

Planning chiropractic marketing

Happy September!

Well, here we are … the start of September and four more months left to the year.

Now what?

Plan Your Chiropractic Marketing - Marketing Your Chiropractic Plan

So just a suggestion: before we all get too caught up in this new month and the weeks get away from us with all the daily duties, I suggest you set some time aside, and you and your gang plan what you can do to end the year on your best note. Set some goals that are realistic with some fun rewards.

Key is marketing, of course. There are oodles of different approaches and procedures and actives that you can do that work.

Pick a few that have worked in the past. If they are recurring, put them on a list and ensure they are done routinely.

If they are special, done now and then, get them scheduled and post them on a calendar so that everyone can see them.

Your number 1 marketing activity will always be your vibe – and your Table Talk with your patients and with your team.

Inform While You Perform Chiropractic Services

I hardily recommend newsletters as these help to keep the conversation and Table Talk going. You don’t own social media platforms, but you do your email.

Social media has worked now and then for short-term advertising. But if you have been in practice for a few years, you should have quite a base of patients from whom you can nurture and keep them coming in for care. They know you and trust you and should come back. They will if you keep informing them of all the extraordinary successes (and fun!) your other active patients are having. They also have family, friends, and work associates they can refer.

Motivation drives it all, so tap into the wisdom of your tribe. They know what works, and even if they don’t, let them run with an idea, and if they are enthused about it, it might work.

Lastly, plan to win, but don’t get too serious. You and your team are helping people – and how can that not be rewarding? Don’t let the minor fractures in communications that occur on a busy day get in the way of the joy of working with teammates to get others better.

Fall Marketing Ideas (2023)
Download PDF • 381KB

Seize the next 4 months with love and gusto!



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