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Call Your Mom

Updated: May 9, 2022

When we dropped off our son at college as a freshman that late summer day years ago, I told him:

“Call your mom!”

And he did, but not often enough.

The fact that moms are extraordinary is an understatement. They are not ordinary people.

Motherhood just isn’t giving birth or the nine months before -- if that wasn’t miraculous enough. It isn’t just the diaper months, the nursing, the crying, or the “terrible twos.” It goes on through all the stages of their child’s life – preteen angst at discovering their identity, infatuation break-ups, finding their social tribe, and all the challenges that growing up leads us through.

But your mother is always there. As long as she lives, she is your first line of comfort and caring.

And if moms are so vital in our lives, they are too in our practices.

This Sunday, May 8, is Mother’s Day. Do something special for all the mothers in your practice. Not as a gimmick -- but as a sincere act of gratitude and respect. Some offices give a flower to every mother that comes in on Friday or the days before. You can always provide some organic chocolates, a scented soap, or tea.

Yes, there is a marketing aspect to this, but excellent customer service is marketing. In most cases, women see doctors more than men, and mothers are often more dominant in determining and advocating for better health in families. They are probably your better patients, and your better referral sources as well.

So, do something special for all the mothers in your practice and in your life this week.


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