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Case Management for Better Service and Retention

Start Each Day with Service First

Do you want a fast, simple and very effective procedure that

  • Improves patient retention

  • Improves patient referrals

  • Improves patient service

  • Improves team coordination and morale.

Beginning Each Day With Service Goals for Each Patient

Too often, we start our days by first looking at the appointment book when the patients are already waiting for us. The staff may not know what special needs each patient has, or they may have been told something by a patient that should be passed on to the treating chiropractor.

A brief review of each patient can help coordinate patient services with the entire team.

Case Management Meeting Procedure

Meet with your team about 20 minutes before you see the first patient each morning. Review the patients individually that are coming in that day. You may not need to go over every patient, especially if you have a full book.

Discuss each patient and what the goal of their next visit should be. Do they need therapy or rehab procedures? What kind? Is it time for their progress exam? Did they voice a concern to a team member that you need to know about? Do they need another financial consultation or educational materials? Should they bring in their spouse?

You can also discuss new patients – what do we know about them? Are they a friend of Rihanna or Marge Simpson? Do they live in the high-rent part of town or in a trailer down by the river? Are we all looking forward to meeting them?

More Than Case Management - Keeping It Fun.

Aside from case management, the morning meeting helps get the day started. Everyone can see how each other is doing, say Hi, and be on deck all set for the day.

I have seen chiropractic offices do short exercises (practice what you preach!), such as a plank or wall sit exercise.

I have seen jokes told. For example, everyone is assigned a spot on the Bad Dad Joke Rotation. One joke per day. The most awful joke for the week (the best one) gets free lemon and beet juice!

You can set reasonable goals for the day – new patients, visits, case completions, etc.

You can add a motivational quotation or review the mission or a core value.

I have personally seen this applied in many offices. Often, the primary chiropractor would get to the morning meeting first, and anyone who came in late was duly noted!! One office did this procedure in the morning and then again before the afternoon crowd came in after lunch.

Assign this as a procedure to your manager, case manager, or front desk coordinator. But make sure you support it 100%.

I have seen case management meetings work for a few months and then, like many procedures, fall by the wayside.

It only works if it is done.

In the end, everything we do is to help each patient reach their goal of better health, and this is the ultimate goal of case management meetings.

Over to you!

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