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Health Screenings in 2022

chiropractic community spinal screening sponsored by petty, michel and associates with Dr. Michael Saatkamp

This past weekend, outside our local grocery store, the Village (what they call a town out here) closed off the main street and had an art fair. So I took a few minutes to look around before I headed home with my organic veggies!

There were maybe 30-40 10x10 tents with various artists displaying their works. The day was hot, and I was in a hurry. Suddenly, I stopped when I saw an old familiar sight, one that I hadn't seen for a few years. There it was - a chiropractic health screening booth.

That's right… a s c r e e n i n g!

The signs said, "Spinal Health Screening" with the name of the corporate chiropractic company which now has offices in a few states in the Midwest and in WA, according to their website.

Now, for the most part, I like screenings and, if done right, recommend them. I would not be overstating the fact that we have personally participated in hundreds of screenings in hundreds of venues over the years. (I still have a couple of PVC Posture Analyzers in my garage.) We have personally trained well over 50 "Screening Technicians" and hundreds more in seminars and via our marketing manuals. We used screenings when we opened up our 24 offices here in Wisconsin.

Now that people are less in fear of being murdered by each other for carrying the COVID, outdoor events are resurfacing.

Here is a short list of benefits of screenings:

  1. Generate new patients.

  2. Reactivate former patients.

  3. Create new external referrals sources

  4. Create goodwill and good publicity. (We won an award for our booth at a county fair once which was pictured in the local paper.)

  5. Meet people in your community.

Here are 5 essential ingredients to help you achieve these benefits:

  1. Friendly. Whoever is in the booth should be friendly, casual, and having fun. Therefore,

  2. Short shifts. It should not be an endurance contest—a few hours at most. Get in, greet people, talk with them, screen the interested few, and get out.

  3. Training and positive experience. If you have a non-doctor in the booth, for Pete's sake, train them. Ideally, they could be a staff member who already knows the excellent outcomes you produce and can easily recommend you.

  4. Be interested in people. Are they in pain? Have they seen a chiropractor, acupuncturist, P.T., M.D. for their issue? Where do they work? What do they think of the Milwaukee Brewers Baseball club's chances this season?

  5. Unserious. As B.J. Palmer said in Rule #9, "Don't take yourself too damn seriously." (to get a copy of Rule #9)

Get out there with your people… they need you!


PS BY the way, just curious… please contact us if you would like a short webinar on what we have seen works best for screenings.


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