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Sample Patient Group Activities

There are many types of large and small activities to keep your group engaged and active. Here are a few examples of events for your patient community. Contact us if you want more ideas or need help in implementing your events.

Apple Festival. At the annual fall Apple Festival, the office would provide free tickets for kids, had a special booth for grilling, and more – just for his patients and families with the doctors and staff participating.

Community Run. At the annual summer community 2.5 and 5 k run/walk, the office would purchase tickets as a donation for each patient and others who attended and provided special t-shirts with the office logo. Big gang of patients and friends running, walking, and hanging out together with lots of photos.

Patient Appreciation BBQ. Traditional yearly event for all patients.

New Year’s Party. Held a week or two after the New Year with the Singing Elvis’s. Very popular.

Girls Night Out. Rent booths in the office, patients who have businesses sell, network, and drink up!

Webinars on Health. Tips for specific conditions. Presentation and Q&A afterward. For example, “Exercises for Hip Pain and Low Back Pain.”

Social Media Club just for your patients.

Organic Cooking Classes. “Cook for a Day, Eat for a Week.”

Referral Board. Local business-people pin their business card on an office bulletin board. “Need something done. Like some help? Consider Us!” Internal business networking.

Business of the Month/Week. Promote a patient’s business. Free advertising for the business!) They can also promote you in their business.


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