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The Goal Driven Business: Special Independence Day Offer

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Greetings, I went and wrote a book! Took me more than 5 years. Here it is:

author excited about his newly published book The goal driven business

It is called:

The Goal Driven Business A New Business-Building Methodology That Is Simpler, Faster, More Profitable, and More Fun Than Whatever You Are Doing Now

What the Book is About The Goal Driven Business provides a new pathway for business owners to achieve their full potential. It shows the process of business development and how to avoid the all too common but hidden barriers to growth and helps the business owner achieve greater profit, better service, and more time for personal pursuits.

It is a distillation of my 35 years of in-the-field work with business owners, doctors, and their teams from across the country. It also includes what we learned when we owned, with other providers, 22 practices here in Wisconsin and had to overcome significant financial, organizational, and clinical challenges – in which we ultimately profited.

Carefully reviewing what worked and what didn’t and correlating my observations with the results of other researchers, I was able to uncover certain universal practice principles I had not seen before. I was also able to isolate the hidden barriers that kept most hardworking doctors from achieving their full potential.

With this information, I put together a step-by-step map that any business owner could follow that, with good effort, could help them achieve their full potential. This a totally unique system of business development which I call the Goal Driven System. It is all covered in my new book, the Goal Driven Business.

What Others Say About the Goal Driven Business The book has been receiving great reviews. You can read them at Here are a few:

  • “A must read for doctors in private practice — read it and reread it, it is that valuable.” J. Peter Heffernan D.C. DPhCS.

  • “I wish I had this book 30 years ago!” Ann Metzler, D.C.

  • “The goal driven business is a “must have” for every business owner – the book is fantastic!” Cindy Munson, D.C.

  • “Mr. Petty, I have just finished reading your recent book “the goal driven business”. It is a masterpiece.” Maxwell Synsvoll, D.C.

  • “This book is more than just thorough. It’s the truth!” Tom Potisk, DC

Why I wrote the Goal Driven Business

  • Based on principals and Goal Driven. Too many offices are Personality Driven. In a Personality Driven practice, everything is dependent upon the owner. As the business grows, the burden on the owner can become too much. Stress increases, and production quantity and quality can suffer. So does income. Using the principles I observed, I worked out the natural system of business development that unfolds regardless of the owner’s personality. Knowing and applying this system in a Goal Driven Business, success is no longer dependent solely on the owner and their personality – stress decreases, and service and revenue easily increase.

  • The complete picture. As a consultant, I did not have the time to pass on all the information I had about business development in consulting sessions. As a result, clients would not get the complete picture. I also noticed that many key components to business success were avoided by other practice management consultants, books, and seminars. There are real barriers to success – and many are hidden. I reveal everything in the book — no stone was left unturned! I have charted a complete path and show you how to bypass the barriers and make the shifts necessary to reach your goals.

  • Only the best will survive. Market forces are eliminating individual businesses as monopolies continue to expand. We see more providers working for hospitals or competing with lesser skilled technicians. Large companies can dominate their markets through price, convenience, advertising, as well as “lobbying.” To survive, you need to provide world-class service and outcomes. Only the strongest practices that give the best service will survive and thrive in this decade. The Goal Driven Business shows you how to provide extraordinary service that creates extremely happy customers!

  • Your success is vital for our communities. It has become evident to me that many solutions offered by corporate entities are not always the best for the consumer. This puts the health of our communities and children at risk. Now more than ever, your patients – your neighbors – are better served by independent professionals like you whose help is not dictated or biased by titanic industry interests. You must not overlook the grassroots power of goodwill when your patients receive excellent and genuine care. Like a stone dropped into a pond, there is a positive ripple effect that goes far beyond your office. This is why I suggest that one of the most effective methods in dealing with our challenging environment is to simply — help more people. Why not help 5 times more people? Why not help them become healthier and teach them about health? And why not earn much more? You certainly deserve it!

My book will show you how to help more people, earn more, and yet have more free time to pursue personal and professional goals. And in the bargain, you will have more fun.

And you will also help safeguard the health of your community for generations to come.

I have my book on sale for a limited time. Usually $18, from July 4th – Independence Day — to July 11th, you can buy it for just $8. Go straight to Amazon or through our website at

Get the book NOW!

Carpe Diem, – Ed

P.S. A portion of all income from this book, and future training on the Goal Driven System, will go as a donation to the Children’s Health Defense (

Get the book! If you like the book, please post a review on Amazon. Buy more and give them to your colleagues.


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