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Want More Chiropractic and Healthcare Patients? Manage the 3 A’s of Marketing

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Plus, a spring marketing plan for your practice.

If you want more chiropractic patients and to deliver more services, you need to manage the 3 A’s of practice marketing. Here they are:


Marketing actions are the obvious projects, activities, and procedures covering all marketing aspects. There are hundreds of these – some are special promotions, advertising, and community events, and others are daily activities embedded into the everyday actions you do in the office.


Marketing attitudes include the mindset and motivation toward marketing and the marketing actions to be implemented. No matter how many marketing books have, or how many seminars you have attended, or the number of marketing actions you have going, unless there is the drive and the heart to make them work, your marketing won't find traction.


Marketing administration is the organization and management of your marketing and is the most crucial element to your marketing’s success.

Marketing management keeps us on track. It keeps in place motivational reminders and comes up with new “attitude adjustments.” It maintains successful marketing procedures and tests new ones as needed. It systematizes your marketing.

You won’t find this emphasized elsewhere as most doctors are too busy, except when they aren’t, and that’s when they seek marketing fixes. As a result, most practice marketing is "acute, or symptomatic care."


Jay Levinson, author of Guerrilla Marketing, says: “Marketing is everything you do to promote your business, from the moment you conceive of it to the point at which customers buy your product or service and begin to patronize your business on a regular basis. The key words to remember are everything and regular basis.” *

Notice how the last sentence emphasizes the concept of marketing administration.

Goal Driven Practice Marketing

Goal Driven Practice Marketing is everything you do to improve the quantity of patient visits and services. If your marketing does not lead to more patient visits and services, it is not Goal Driven Marketing.

Generating phone appointments from advertisements is marketing. Converting each appointment to a kept appointment is also marketing. Sales are marketing to one person, so each kept appointment needs to be converted to an active patient and then to a long-term patient. Social media posts, newsletters, and even public relations all need to contribute to increasing the quantity of services in your office.

These are your marketing actions.

But these are just the mechanics. So, marketing must include the mindset, the authentic purpose, and the cheerful desire to implement these marketing activities successfully.

This is your marketing attitude.

But even this isn’t enough. Practice marketing needs to be managed and systematized, and lacking this, your practice numbers will roller-coaster.

This is your marketing administration.


Marketing Actions. May is NATIONAL CORRECT POSTURE MONTH. * Use this as a reason to reactivate patients and to encourage existing patients to refer.


Marketing Administration. You, as the clinic director, are also the marketing director. A team member takes on the part-time marketing assistant role to coordinate all aspects of marketing and to ensure they get done. Allot 1-3 hours per week, scheduled.


Marketing Motivation. Review the importance of posture and how your services help. Review patient successes. Review the consequences of someone had they not seen you. Review current health care. Review the wonder of an adjustment and how life is restored through your service.

Need help or advice on making your marketing GOAL DRIVEN? Set up an appointment with me. Need to train and support your marketing assistant? Contact me.

Stay Goal Driven,




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