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A Million-Dollar Chiropractic Healthcare Practice -- and More in 24

Goal driven to achieve goals

When in doubt, paddle out!

We have been refining our Goal Driven System of practice development.

After our management training program completed with outstanding practice managers, it is clear to me that most offices can achieve 6 figures in income.

But why aim for a million dollar (or more) chiropractic practice? Good question!

Because you can. Because it is a challenge that you are worthy of.

Because, in the pursuit of this goal, you and your team will demonstrate your competence. And competence is an internal goal and a need we all want to demonstrate.

Behavioral Science in Practice Management

I cover the concept of Self-Determination Theory in my book, the Goal Driven Business. Much research has been done on what drives us and motivates us to achieve our goals. According to work done by Edward Deci and others, there are three motives we all have:

  • Autonomy (Independence and self-governing.)

  • Competence (Skill and effectiveness at getting something done.)

  • Relatedness (Being part of something bigger.)

These internal needs motivate us more than our motivations to receive external rewards or avoid punishments. Despite conventional "management" practices, external "incentives" only work in the short term. In fact, the promise of extra money and bonuses, like threats, can be detrimental to performance.

There is a right way to provide bonuses -- we cover this on our Goal Driven Programs.

Competence in your Chiropractic Team

I want to focus on competence, though autonomy and relatedness are as powerful.

Here is a quote from one of Deci's books:

"Decades ago, the personality psychologist Robert White wrote a compelling paper about "The Concept of Competence" in which he argued that people yearn so strongly to feel competent or effective in dealing with their environment that competence could be thought of as a fundamental human need.

"People, impelled by the need to feel competent, might engage in various activities simply to expand their own sense of accomplishment. "* (My emphasis.)

What does this mean?

We all want to demonstrate what we can do and even test the limits to see if we can do more. Look at children and the explorations and exploits they attempt. Think of your own crazy youth and all the dumb dares you accepted!

But we become domesticated as we enter adulthood. We censor our drives, curb our enthusiasms, and our purposes ebb.

But the intrinsic drive is still there – an ember that can be stoked.

Getting Stoked

Like the surfers say, the feeling of being stoked is exhilaration and joy. The feeling is worth the effort and losses.

Demonstrating your competence results in the Stoke. But you can't demonstrate your competence or feel the Stoke if you don't set big goals and then go for them. You enter a challenge, a contest that pits you and your team against the obstacles to your goals.

Paddling out to catch a wave, a surfer exerts tremendous effort. As they struggle to get out, they need to go through wave after wave crashing in on them until they are finally out far enough to wait to catch the right wave. Waiting, and then finally finding one that no one else is trying for, paddling hard to catch it, and often failing. And sometimes getting caught "inside," with waves crashing down on them, pushing them into the depths or scraping on the coral reef.

But making that one ride as you smoothly glide over the ocean is a feeling that can last a lifetime.

Any adventurous activity is not for the money. It is to satisfy an internal need—the Stoke.

Improving Competence in Your Chiropractic Practice

Achieving big goals requires big motivation, and improving competence is one way to do so. Here are 6 approaches to improve your competence and that of your team to help you hit your super big goals this year:

  1. Be a coach. Schedule in-office training, seminars, webinars, courses, advanced training, and books for yourself and your team

  2. Feedback and support. Regular Coaching Reviews.

  3. Recognize the wins. Acknowledge and celebrate employees' achievements and contributions. Including your own!

  4. Challenging goals. Set up tasks and projects that challenge you and your team. Let your team take ownership. Keep it fun.

  5. Go for a million (or 5 million) dollar practice.

  6. Get a coach. Suit up, commit, and be a player.

Remember, you are more than a doctor, provider, and support professional. You are also an entrepreneur and part of an entrepreneurial group.

You are an adventurer!

So set big goals and get out there. Go for the Stoke!



Why We Do What We Do, Edward L Deci, Gagné, M., & Deci, E. L. (2005). Self-determination theory and work motivation. Journal of Organizational behavior, 26(4), 331-362.


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