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Are You Looking at All Your Chiropractic and Business Statistics?

Chiropractic and Healthcare Practice Integrative Scoreboard

Discover the hidden statistics that strengthen your chiropractic business.

As one year ends and another gets ready to launch, I look back at our clients' numbers and see that, for the most part, everyone's numbers went up.

And these are not new offices. Their increases were not because of a snazzy ad campaign or a motivational seminar. Their numbers increased because of their hard work, courage, sacrifices, and love. I am sure the same is true with you and your practice as well: because of the wonderful improvements your patients experience, as a byproduct, your numbers for this year also went up.

But maybe not. Maybe not this year.

Maybe your practice numbers did not go up?

Well, you may not be accounting for all of your positive outcomes. For example:

** Our goal with one office was not to increase their numbers, but just to keep them from going down the drain. The successful outcome was no bankruptcy! Positive numbers did not go up, but negative cash flow numbers did not occur.

** One chiropractic business owner I worked with, whose numbers had gone up for a few years, but had recently dipped, was able to take a vacation for the first time ever. In fact, because of additional providers, was able to leave for a few weeks. Practice numbers did not go up, but vacation and personal statistics did!

**One healthcare practice owner saw her numbers go down. She had her third child and would have gone down further had it not been for the work we did on bringing on another provider who she deftly managed. Family numbers went up!

I do manage by the numbers as these are objective and because so much conventional management is done through emotion, bias, new but dumb ideas, or other weird standards.

But not all accomplishments show up on the standard practice scoreboard. You would need a different set of statistics and a different scoreboard for family, personal, and organizational outcomes.

  • Maybe you spent time training in a new clinical technique.

  • Maybe your staff spent extra time training and becoming more proficient.

  • Maybe you were able to see more of your child's activities.

  • Perhaps you and your spouse finally went on that vacation.

Business building can be understood by the Law of the Farm (Also Law of the Harvest). As Steven Covey says:

"The only thing that endures over time is the 'Law of the Farm.' You must prepare the ground, plant the seed, cultivate, and water if you expect to reap the harvest."

I like this analogy because it shows that so much is involved in producing what finally ends up in your grocery store.

Yes, you reap what you sow. But the sowing itself is an accomplishment that needs to be recognized and acknowledged. If you keep building and nurturing all aspects of your business, including your skills, your people, and your procedures, both in and out of the office, and stay aligned with your mission, your production numbers will improve.

You might take some time this month to look at all the gains you have made that might not show up on the bottom line.

Celebrate ALL your positive improvements in 2023, and prepare for a prosperous 2024.

Stay Goal Driven,



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