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Will AI replace chiropractors? I asked AI.

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

AI is all the rage. AI art, AI music, AI writing, and on and on.

These services are impressive. Manufactured-for-you newsletters, articles, art, and music. All done at relatively high quality.

AI could replace writers, artists, and musicians as it has with taxicab drivers with Lyft and Uber. Maybe it will soon replace truck drivers, computer coders, customer support specialists, media jobs, legal assistants, accountants, etc.

So, I wondered, how about chiropractors?

I asked a few AI-powered services about the future of chiropractic and how AI might affect chiropractors. Here is an example of one of the answers:

“Could AI replace chiropractors?

“According to the current research, AI is unlikely to replace chiropractors [3]. Chiropractors perform several tasks that require human capabilities, such as manipulating the spine and musculoskeletal system to treat patients, diagnosing health problems, and advising patients on recommended courses of treatment. However, AI can assist chiropractors in various ways [1]. AI can help with data management and analysis, providing insights for personalized care and health research. Moreover, AI can save time and money, allowing for more high-level tasks and automated back office work in a chiropractic clinic. It can help clinics put computer intelligence to work and improve patient journeys [2].

= = =

So, for now, I think you’re safe. But automation is increasing – exponentially.

In my book, the Goal Driven Business, I address this issue and refer to other scientists and authors who have studied the subject.

“Your Replacement is Being Shipped Now

“According to Richard and Daniel Susskind, the traditional professions will cease to exist in the state that we currently know them. In their very capable book, The Future of Professions, the authors state: “Whatever terminology is preferred, we foresee that, in the end, the traditional professions will be dismantled, leaving most (but not all) professionals to be replaced by less expert people and high-performing systems.” (Page 185)

= = =

Obviously, no machine is going to adjust patients any time soon.

But we have to be careful that we don’t substitute AI and automation for our personal care with our patients.

I recently talked to a chiropractic assistant about sending out birthday cards to patients. You, know, an actual card (postcard), hard copy, mailed. She couldn’t see the point. “Why not just send a text? It’s part of our automated program.” I pointed out that the text could be coming from an apartment in Nigeria, and your patient would never know the difference.

Nothing against texting, but our world is superficial and impersonal enough.

Here is my recommendation: AI, automation, and electric screwdrivers are all tools. Used correctly, they can help you provide better service. Used incorrectly, you can be persuaded to have automation take the place of you.

A pathetic example is the bulk chiropractic electronic newsletters you can buy as an automated service. I am all for newsletters, but these types of newsletters do not improve the communication between the doctor, the office, and the patients. They are just bland content.

This is why we help our clients send out their own newsletters to their patients.

AI and automation will never replace you if you utilize them as tools to improve your services, outcomes, and communication with your patients and patients to be.

Delegate and Automate

But Don’t Abdicate

Happy Spring (Autumn Down Under!)

Ed (Written by Ed Petty!)


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