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SPECIAL PROMOTION - The Kindle version of the Goal Driven Business is FREE Oct 21st - 25th.

Updated: Apr 12, 2022


National Chiropractic Month

The Kindle version of the Goal Driven Business is FREE

from Thursday, October 21 to Monday, October 25

The Goal Driven Business Book

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What’s in the book? To give you an idea of some of the subjects covered in the Goal Driven Business, I put together a list which you can find below. You can also access this on the website,

In addition to the Free Kindle version, when you also sign up for our

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or go directly to Amazon and get the Goal Driven Business book only, in hard copy or Kindle download

I truly recommend you get the free Kindle version of the Goal Driven Business book. I also encourage you to pick up a hard copy. It is valuable information which we have used over the years to improve offices, just like yours. A hard copy book is nice to read, and re-read, like Dr. Peter Heffernan mentions:

Ed has nailed it, with all his years of experience, in this book!

Read it and reread it, it is that valuable.”

J. Peter Heffernan D.C. DPhCS.

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The Goal Driven Business –

A New Business-Building Methodology

List of subjects and key concepts

Part 1. Your Road, A Hero’s Journey. 5

We Can't Get There from Here. 7

The Practice Roller Coaster and What Causes It 10

Symptoms Of a Personality Practice 12

16 Attributes of A Successful Business and Practice 13

The 3 Goals Of “To Live Better.” 19

First 2 Goals and The Eisenhower Matrix 20

Goal 3: Your Greater Purposes 23

Applying the 3 Goals to Improve Business Performance 24

The Synergy of the 3 Goals 33

The Hidden Barriers to Practice Success 35

The E-Myth and Michael Gerber 39

Your First Big Shift to Your Goals: The Goals Lab Where You Work on Your Business.43

Pareto Principle and How to Add More Time to Work ON Your Business. 47

Parkinson's Law of Time 52

Edwards Deming and Kaizen 54

Goals Achievement Process (Kaizen for Practice and Business Improvement.) 54

The Coaching Review for Team Member Improvement 56

Your Practice Development Map: The Stages in Developing Your Business 61

The 5 Engines That Drive Your Business to Its Goals 66

The 20 Big Shifts You Will Need to Make to Achieve Your Goals 67

Self-Study and Review of Part 170

Part 2: The Map and Manual to Your Goals 72

Stage 1. Launching or Relaunching Your business. The Marketing Stage 75

Peter Drucker and the Purpose of Business 79

What Is Marketing 79

Becoming a Marketing Evangelist 80

Simon Sinek and Your Why 82

8 Successful Marketing Attitudes 83

Overcoming Fear of Marketing Using The 8 Marketing Attitudes and WOC


Direct Marketing Versus Indirect Marketing 89

Unique Selling Proposition and Your SOB92

Marketing Boosters and Fast Action Marketing Tactics 93

Stage 1 Study Review 99

Stage 2. Blueprinting Your New Business. New Roles, Goals, & Flows 101

Moving Past the Personality Driven Practice 103

Servant Leadership: Your New Role – Coach And CEO.105

Goal Driven Team Members – Characteristics and Key Training Elements 109

The Goal Driven Manager – A New Role Than Leverages The CEO Role 112

Your Marketing Coordinator and Other Key Roles in Your Business 114

New Goals: Determining Your Higher Goals and Calculating Your Financial Goals 116

Tony Hsieh and Your Core Values 123

New Service Flows: More Efficiency for Better Service 126

How To Find Bottlenecks, Eliyahu Goldratt and The Theory of Constraint 127

Creating Your Systematized Marketing Machine 129

Marketing Mix Chart for Each Stage of Your Growth 132

Time And Money Charts to Showing How Much to Spend on Your Marketing at Each Stage. 134

Study Guide Review on Stage 2 136

Stage 3 – People and Procedures: Implementing the Blueprint 141

Why Employees Are Disengaged: The Assembly-Line Mindset 144

Hierarchy Of the Boss and Employees as “The Girls” 146

Summary Of the Old Practice Management Model 149

Big Shift #12: The Employee as A Goal Driven Expert and Team Member


Self-Determination Theory and Edward Deci: Secrets to Employee Motivation 152

Daniel Pink: And Greater Purposes and What Motivates Us 154

9 Steps to Making Goal Driven Expert Employees 155

Hiring The Right People - Jim Collins 157

Let My People Go Surfing - Yvonne Chouinard 159

Goal Driven Procedures: Faster and More Effective 159

The Humble Checklist 162

The Checklist Manifesto – Atul Gawande 163

Simplicity And 80/20 Principle – Richard Koch 163

A Sample Checklist 165

Big Shift #14: Goal Driven Continuous Improvement - the Engine Within Your Business. 166

The Learning Organization – Peter Senge 168

Study Guide Review on Stage 3 172

Stage 4 – Using Lean Management to Improve Customer Service and Personal Power 175

How To Deal With 5 Common Challenges When You Are Winning 178

Lean Management: How to Get More for Less 180

Why Your Service Needs to Be World Class 183

Your Replacement Is Being Shipped: The Dismantling of The Professions -- Susskind & Susskind 185

7 Barriers to Extraordinary Service 187

9 Components to Delivering Goal Driven Outstanding Customer Service 190

Ken Blanchard and Raving Fans 190

Become The Best Like Pablo Casals, Jiro Ono, Clarence Gonstead 191

19 Steps to Create Extraordinary Customer Experience 194

Freeing Your Personal Power 201

Ben Franklin and His Practical List of Virtues 202

Martin Seligman And Virtues in Action 203

The 3 Goals and Your Personal Power 205

Study Guide Review on Stage 4 207

Stage 5 – Total Team Leadership – Your Goal Driven Business 211

Managing The Groundhog Day Syndrome to Avoid Burnout 214

Creating Team Leadership Is Now Possible. Here Is How: 215

Integrating Your Greater Goals for a More Powerful Business 220

The Golden Gate Bridge Again – and Your NEXT New Game. 224

Study Review on Stage 5 226

Part 3: The Reason for Everything: The Heart of the Goal Driven Business 228

Getting Out of The Box. How Quantum Physics Can Help You to Your Goals. Sheldrake, Frankl 231

Conclusion – Liberty 237

Part 4. The 23 Principles of the Goal Driven Business238

1. Power of Choice 241

2. Constant Improvement 244

3. Goals 245

4. Self-Determinism and Drive 247

5. Reality - Confronting the Brutal Facts 248

6. Communication 247

7. Collaboration and Self-Organization Works Better 251

8. The Bridge to Your Goals: Procedures and Policies 253

9. The Vital Few and 80/20 254

10. Keep It Simple, Make It Simpler 255

11. Log Jams 256

12. Leverage Points 257

13. Newton's Laws 259

14. Be A Farmer - Grow Your Business and Your Customers 260

15. Be A Hunter - Direct Your Unique Selling Proposition to You Target Market 261

16. Goals, Games, Groundhog Day 262

17. Deliver the Goods - Abbondanza! 264

18. Roles 265

19. Getting Away 266

20. Training and Coaching Make an Expert Team 268

21. Network Effects 269

22. Our Thoughts Affect Our Business and Life 270

23. The Golden Rule 272


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