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The Generosity of Service

Updated: Feb 21

How to Be Happier and More Prosperous

One of the unique characteristics of Petty, Michel & Associates is that we visit offices, chiropractic and others, and provide on-site coaching based on what we see.

I remember one chiropractor whom we worked with for several years. When I visited his office, as soon as he saw me, and the minute he was free, he'd say, "Ed, come on over here, let me check you."

He didn't ask permission.

He saw many patients in the morning and the afternoon and always took time over lunch for a workout.

He was focused on adjusting anyone in his sight. Patient after patient. And because he was so focused, he communicated with certainty and authority and earned the trust of his patients.

If you can strip away from your mind all the administrative tasks, worries, and challenges and just focus on seeing patients, you'll be happier and see more people.

All the "other stuff" slows down doctors, the administrative tasks that seem to multiply exponentially. Your mind can be either dominated by business concerns -- or by the joy of giving and serving.

You have the skill and ability to help others, which must be honored and given full reign to be expressed to its total capacity. It shouldn't be withheld or hoarded.

A well-trained team and a practice manager are vital. They allow you, and the other providers, to practice your art while they care for everything else.

I have talked to many doctors who visit third-world countries and flat-out adjust 100-200 people in a day. No admin interruptions, just individual after individual, courageously providing service and practicing their craft without concern about reimbursement. They have told me that they would get into a "Zone," or into a flow… and experience an intense kind of present-time consciousness that they don't experience in their offices.

Dr. Sid Williams, who founded Life Chiropractic University in Georgia, promoted the idea of "Lasting Purpose," which was defined as "to give, to love, to serve in abundance without expecting anything in return."

Being generous doesn't mean giving your services away. Generousness is a mindset of abundance. It is not withholding your gift and craft but practicing your art freely and abundantly.

To do so, train your staff to take care of everything else and delegate the admin tasks to them. We can help with this. But it first starts by committing to a value of service generosity. In our company, Petty, Michel, & Associates, one of our core values is delivering services in "Abbondanza," Italian for abundance.

In physics, every action has a reaction. This is also expressed in ancient texts: the more you give, the more you receive. You're persuaded each day to get lost in admin concerns. Don't. Get "lost in service." Admin details need to be tended to, but only during non-patient time, and most should be delegated to your team.

Be a Giver and be generous. Educate, care for, and help more people. Take on this attitude, and you'll have more fun and be more prosperous.

*Sid Williams quote:


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