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Call Your Mom

mother has health goals for her kids

Why Mothers Are Your Number 1 Chiropractic and Healthcare Patient

Mothers are our first healthcare provider when we are young.

Even later in life, they worry about us and care for us.

They are also your patient’s maternal primary care provider. You and your team are just their assistants!

They haul in their kids to see you and nag their spouses to take better care of their health.

Women, in general, see healthcare providers including chiropractors, more than men do. (The ratio is about 60% women and 40% men.)*

This week, hand each person in your office a flower and ask them to give it to their mom, or a mom. And if they are a mother, give them two. You could make a deal with your local florist and in return, post a sign on the flower vase stating where the flowers came from. Always try to create alliances with local businesses!

And, call your mom. I know, not all of us can. So, thank the moms you do know.

They take care of us and our future.

Here’s to moms!



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